Our Mission

To cater value based education for all round development of rural students in order to make them capable to achieve knowledge and employment and also to make them responsible citizens of India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce intellectual and civilized citizens.

Our Goals and Objectives

» To provide the all round personalities by inculcating knowledge and spiritual wisdom.
» To impart the through knowledge and skills of the subjects to the students.
» To make the deliberate attempts to develop the moral values of the students.
» To inspire them to abolish the evils of greed, lust and violence.
» To inculcate civic responsibilities of the best citizens among the students.
» To strive to prepare the students to face the challenges of the time.
» To develop the spirits of Secularism, Nationalism and Freedom among the students.
» To reach the student to respect the elders and all the religions.
» To ventilate the potentials of the students.
» To sow the seeds of task culture among the students.
» To make the students self-reliant, independent through quality education.

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